346 Japan Gyokuro Bio
346 Japan Gyokuro Bio
346 Japan Gyokuro Bio
346 Japan Gyokuro Bio
346 Japan Gyokuro Bio

346 Japan Gyokuro Bio

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This Gyokuro is characterized by a deep green fascinatingly glossy leaf

Gyokuro means "Jade dew" The first Gyokuro was grown in 1835 in Uji. It is the highest grade tea grown in Japan. There is only 1 harvest per year. Late May, early June. When the new shoots (buds) appear, a shade curtain is stretched over the tea for about 10 days. After this, the tea plants are shaded even darker for about 11 days Hereby, sunlight is taken away up to 95%. This whole process takes a total of 21 days. In shading, the tea plant responds by producing extra chlorophyll, thus more theanines and less tannins. This gives less astringency and more sweetness. The buds are then carefully picked by hand to ensure they are all removed. The tea farmers treat their tea with great care. Gyokuro is considered one of the most flavorful teas in the world.

Several tea enthusiasts in Japan believe that Gyokuro is even better when given the opportunity to ripen for a few months before being drunk. The aroma of the deep green leaves is reminiscent of butter and green greens while the tea smells of broth, corn and nuts. This tea is complex without bitters and astringency.

Make this tea also in a Kyusu or small teapot. The brewing method for a Kyusu, small Japanese teapot, is different:

Prepare the pot with hot water, use 6-8 grams of tea. Pour about 170 ml of 60℃ water on this and let steep for 45 seconds. Do not stir! Pour on the leaves a second and third time. You can then use water of 70-80℃ a take the infusion time up to 45-60 seconds.

Don't pour the cups completely full right away, but always divide small bits into the cups. That way everyone gets tea of the same strength and taste.

  • Origin: Japan
  • Region: Uji, Kyoto
  • Harvest period: Late May, early June
  • Cultivar: Yabukita
  • Gradation: Premium
  • Infusion: Yellow, green
  • Flavor: Soft, silky and round mouthfeel
  • Caffeinated: Yes
  • Organic: Yes

Recipe for one liter, prefer to make in a Kyusu for the full umami flavor: 11 grams (4 scoops) | 1 liter of soft water | 60℃ | 2 minutes

Recipe for the Kyusu: 7 grams (bottom of the jar covered) | jar 3/4 full | 60℃ | 30 sec-1min

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