1802 ZeroWater 2.6L stainless steel water filter jug + TDS meter
1802 ZeroWater 2.6L stainless steel water filter jug + TDS meter

1783 ZeroWater 2.6L stainless steel water filter jug + TDS meter

Tea in Motion

ZeroWater is the new hit in the water filtration field!

Do you like delicious water as well as tea? Then. 1+1=2!

Tea is very sensitive to minerals from tap water. If you have hard water, you will find that your black tea will quickly turn dark and your teapot will quickly show brown deposits. Green tea is also sensitive to these minerals and will become clearer and softer in taste if you use soft water.

The 5-stage ZeroWater system filters the water. This is done through the unique structure and combination of the different types of filters and a unique ionization exchanger. This 5-stage filter uniquely delivers clean water from which as much as 99% of dissolved solids have been removed. This water filter jug is completely BPA free.

Exhaustive testing shows, that even contaminated water comes out of the filter clean.

  • Super quality, proven purity
  • Good taste properties
  • Fits a pure and healthy lifestyle

How to test the purity of water
In addition to laboratory testing, water is easy to "measure" with a TDS meter. TDS is the English name for Total Dissolved Solids, meaning a sum of all solids dissolved in water. TDS is measured in ppm = parts per million.

Drinking water in the Netherlands often has values of 200 to as much as 400 ppm, which we call hard water

Many people already use a simple water filter jug equipped with a carbon filter. ZeroWater get the TDS to 0 for truly pure water.

  • TDS value indicates the purity of water
  • Carbon filters only purify a small portion, up to about 90 TDS
  • Only ZeroWater filters can get the TDS value to 0

This is how the 5-Stage Filter

    Filters fine particles and sediment.
    Distributes water evenly throughout the filter for more efficient use and optimum filtration performance.
    Filters a variety of contaminants, especially good on organics. Also reduces chlorine and other heavy metals and prevents mold.
    Negative and positive ion exchanger removes foreign ions from water molecules and returns them in a pure state.
    Removes ultrafine particles.

This is a stainless steel Zero Water jug for a whopping 2.6 liters, a picture on any countertop!

  • 2.6 liter capacity in a 29 x 14 x 28 cm jug
  • Ready Pour technology lets you pour water while filtering water.
  • Removes 99.8% of all dissolved substances from the water including fluoride, lead and medicine residues.
  • Always includes a free filter and TDS meter, so enjoy deliciously pure water right away.
  • All ZeroWater products are completely BPA free.
  • As the only water filter jug certified on filtering lead and chromium


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