1570 Hexagonal Tea Caddy 350ml
1570 Hexagonal Tea Caddy 350ml
1570 Hexagonal Tea Caddy 350ml
1570 Hexagonal Tea Caddy 350ml

1801 Hexagonal Tea Caddy 350ml

Tea in Motion

A good tea deserves a good Tea Caddy!

A beautifully designed tea Caddy to hold your tea. Once considered a status symbol for the tea-drinking elite, the Tea Caddy is actually an essential item on your tea table.

You can buy it in all sorts of different materials and shapes, but it is still a necessary storage place for your finest tea. By storing tea in a Caddy, you seal the flavor of your beautiful tea and keep it dry to enjoy it time and time again.

This Tea Caddy is made of coarse pottery from Dehua, Fujian, China with a capacity of 350ml. This pottery provides a matte texture and gives this simply designed Tea Caddy a luxurious look. The Caddy features gold-colored leaves.

Sizes: 7.7cm x 15cm

The origins of Tea Caddies.
According to legend, the word "caddy" comes from the Malay term "kati". This refers to the unit of weight of about a pound. Apparently this was the standard measure used by traders who bought and sold tea by the kati.
Tea first arrived in England from China in the 17th century and with it came the authentic Chinese porcelain pots known as caddies.

At first, tea was a luxury available only in coffee houses, but in the 18th century, caddy pots for domestic use appeared as people began making tea at home
Tea caddies were seen as a precious possession due to their high status and value. Hence, tea caddies became a popular way to store and protect tea.

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