1561 Tea doodles
1561 Tea doodles
1561 Tea doodles

1536 Tea doodles

Tea in Motion

Unmissable for any tea lover!

Theekrabble is made for all tea lovers, whether you drink tea from a bag or loose tea, it doesn't matter. You can write down all your tea notes. Notes you make while tasting.

Also for anyone interested in Tea & Foodpairing to find the right dish with the right tea. Get to know your teas well in this beautiful way!

The booklet is A6 size, and there is room for (no less than!) 52 teas. The booklet is made of 100% recycled paper and the lanyard is made of recycled cotton.

Scribble Books was created from a collaboration by Ariadne Vogel, tea sommelier, and Denise Hofman, Passion for Paper.

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